Successful removal of foreign body bronchus using C-arm-guid
Case Report:
An eight-year-old healthy child presented with a complaint of recurrent cough for 3 days with a history of child playing with beads. On examination, there was decreased air entry on right side. X-ray showed FB in the right main bronchus [Figure 1]. Apart from high white cell count, blood reports were normal, and rigid bronchoscopy was planned. Child was kept adequately fasting. Under standard monitoring, anesthesia induced with injection glycopyrrolate, ketamine, propofol, and atracurium with controlled ventilation. Rigid ventilating bronchoscope confirmed plastic bead in the right main bronchus. The left side was examined before intervention. Removal attempted using forceps, which failed due to spherical shape, large size, and smooth surface [Figure 2]. Next, Fogarty catheter tried to insert between bronchus and FB, which also failed due to snuggly fitting bead. Finally, 4F Fogarty catheter passed through the bead, balloon was inflated and while trying to pull FB, resulted in rupture of balloon. On second attempt, new Fogarty catheter was inserted with the help of C-arm to confirm that Fogarty catheter is adequately passed beyond bead, there is no overinflation of balloon and withdrawal was done slowly. Bead was removed successfully as a unit with Fogarty catheter and scope together [Figure 3]....;year=2017;volume=21;issue=2;spage=96;epage=98;aulast=Wankhede