Sudden fetal death with placental mesenchymal dysplasia comp
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia (PMD) is a rare placental abnormality that is closely related to severe pregnancy complications.

A 27-year-old woman with fetal growth restriction and placenta previa was referred to a university hospital at 22 gestational weeks (GW). She was suspected of having a twin pregnancy with a complete or partial hydatidiform mole and coexisting normal live fetus, because two separate placentas, an enlarged one with multiple cystic lesions and a normal one, were shown on ultrasound examinations.

At 27 GW, she experienced a sudden intrauterine fetal death (IUFD) after bleeding due to placenta previa, despite confirmation of fetal well-being at 2 h before bleeding. After delivery, histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of PMD.

This is the first documented case of a woman with PMD and placenta previa who had a sudden IUFD after bleeding. Patients with both PMD and placenta previa should be considered at extremely high risk for IUFD.

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research