Sudden seizure during cesarean section: a unique case report
A first seizure can range from a fleeting subjective experience or a twitch (myoclonic jerk) through to a tonic-clonic convulsion. Published in the journal Medicine, the authors describe the case of a parturient who suffered a seizure when the fetus was delivered.

The patient received supportive therapy to maintain oxygen supply and propofol was administered to terminate seizure during cesarean section.

After therapy, the patient regained full consciousness and normal spontaneous respiration. She had no recall of the seizure attack. The post-operative recovery was uneventful.

Lessons learnt:-
- Symptoms during seizure are very important to diagnose. It will be both harmful to mother and the fetus, when the pregnant woman suffers seizure during pregnancy or cesarean delivery.

- In this situation, supportive therapy need to be immediately initiate and propofol may be the most suitable drug to terminate seizure during cesarean delivery.

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