Sugary Drinks Consumption May Lead To Increased Risk Of Colo
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The study provides more support for public health efforts that encourage people to reduce the amount of sugar they consume. The average age of colorectal cancer diagnosis has gone down from 72 years to 66 years. These cancers are more advanced at diagnosis and have different characteristics compared with cancers from older populations.

High-sugar beverages could have a role in the increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in younger people. Consumption of such drinks has increased over the past 20 years. The highest consumption level is found among adolescents and young adults ages 20 to 34. The researchers analyzed data from the Nurses' Health Study II, a large population study that tracked the health of nearly 116,500 female nurses from 1991 to 2015.

Every four years, participants answered surveys that included questions about diet, including the types and estimated amounts of beverages they drank. Of the total participants, over 41,000 also were asked to recall their beverage habits during their adolescence. The researchers identified 109 diagnoses of early-onset colorectal cancer among the nearly 116,500 participants.

With the increasing rates in mind, the American Cancer Society has recently lowered the recommended age for a first screening colonoscopy to 45, down from the previously recommended age 50 for people at average risk. Those with additional risk factors, such as a family history of the disease, should start even earlier, according to the guidelines.

Since the study only included female nurses, most of whom were white, more work is needed to examine this link in people of more diverse races, ethnicities and genders.

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