Suggest differentials for these case.
Gundumala Mahaveer
Suggest differentials for these case.
A 40 yrs male pt came with cc of dysphagia since 3months and breathlessness since 1 mon hb is 2.6 on auscultation it showed ejection systolic murmur in tricuspid area.
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v●●●●●●●h d●●●●●●a General Medicine
Plummer vinson syndrome or carcinoma oesophagus
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Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i
Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i Internal Medicine
It is a c/o severe anemia. All symptoms can be explained by severe anemia. We have to find out the cause of anemia. Need more information such as : weight loss, fever, lymph nodes etc. In investigations, details of RBC indices, Reticulocyte counts, Liver and Renal function tests, USG abdomen, Full Hemogram. We may need barium or upper GI endoscopy after reviewing reports.
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