Suggestion of simultaneous MD-MS/DNB courses at Govt medical
A recent meeting of Post Graduate Committee of the Medical Council of India(MCI) saw the council rejecting a proposal made by Sh. Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra regarding flexible conditions for starting DNB courses in Government Medical Colleges.

The proposal sought simultaneous running of DNB courses along with MD/MS courses in departments of government medical colleges against extra faculty, if available.

The Minutes of meeting document dated 12th June 2018 states that, "...The PG Committee discussed in detailed and observed that the requirement for PG seats is not only faculty but other facilities like number of units, number of beds and other infrastructure. If an institution has extra faculty and all these other facilities mentioned above, they can easily take more number of MD/MS seats rather than requesting for DNB. Hence the suggestion of simultaneously running both the courses (MD and MS/ DNB) in government medical colleges cannot be accepted..."

They also said that, "...It will be pertinent to mention here that during the year 2017-18 and 2018-19 one time increase (without inspection) have been given to all government medical colleges across the country who has required faculty and other infrastructure and number of seats have been sanctioned in proportion to that. Hence, it is clear that no college is having extra facilities / faculty against which the DNB seats can be given simultaneously..."

Read more in the PDF attached below(page no 51 to 52 ).

Source: MCI website
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