Suitable treatment for Hyperplastic Mucosa?
Jagat Ram Kukkar
Suitable treatment for Hyperplastic Mucosa?
A 67 year male reported with gradual onset of abdominal discomfort associated with dyspepsia, vomiting, indigestion since 2months. He was normal two months back and developed vomiting which was usually after having meals. Vomitus was more of solid food compared to the liquid. 

Meanwhile patient visited few physicians in his native place and diagnosed and treated for Chronic Gastritis. But patient didn’t respond to the old treatment and visited the Hospital. Endoscopy and Biopsy was advised to him and report came up with Gastric Outlet Obstruction with proliferative growth and Biopsy showed hyperplastic mucosa with no evidence of malignancy. And Endoscopy could not be negotiated beyond pylorus due to the growth.

*Personal History

Mixed diet

Decreased appetite from last 2 months.

Weight loss 

Bladder habits normal

Bowel movement decreased with 2-3 days constipation. 

No history of alcohol. Smoking cigarettes left since 2-3 months. 

And No significant family history too. 

Attached: Report.

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