Sun Pharma begins phase-2 trial on AQCH, a potential COVID-1
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India's top drug regulator Drugs Controller General of India (DGCI) allowed Sun Pharmaceutical to conduct phase -II clinical trials for the first phytopharmaceutical or plant-based drug AQCH to treat COVID-19 patients.

• According to the company, the clinical trials will be conducted across 12 centers in India in 210 patients.

• "Phase 1 clinical trials went very well and based on encouraging result we decided we should try it against COVID-19," said Dr. Shekhar Mande, Director General, CSIR

• Human safety study of AQCH has already been completed and the drug has been found safe at the recommended dose for phase-2 study, Sun Pharma said.

• AQCH, which is being developed for dengue, has shown a broad antiviral effect in vitro studies and hence is being tested as a potential treatment option for COVID-19, Sun Pharma said.

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This is indeed welcome news. This here is a drug which,appears to have a certainly good amount of curative action for both dengue and covid 19. Such multipurpose drugs are crucial to tip the scales in our favour.
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