Supreme Court allows sale of Saridon, 3 other drugs
For now, the Supreme Court has allowed the sale of Saridon and 3 other drugs. This development comes close after the Health Ministry’s ban on the 328 FDCs last week of which Saridon was one.

A bench of Justices R F Nariman and Indu Malhotra issued notice to the Centre and sought its reply on the plea filed by some drug makers and pharma associations.

The medicines whose sale was allowed were Piramal Healthcare's Saridon, GlaxoSmithKline's Piriton, Juggat Pharma's Dart and another drug, the details of which could not be immediately known.

The top court, however, did not grant any relief to the other medicines falling in the list of 328 FDC drugs which were banned by the Health Ministry by its last week notification. FDCs are two or more drugs combined in a fixed ratio into a single dosage form.


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This is typical of the way all cases are handled in Indian system...first , without any adequate ground level inquiry and systematic evaluation..just bring on a law as a knee jerk reaction..then review the merits or demerits. It' s become a norm to expect some baseless decision imposed on a system without tribulation. USFDA is not the last word in medical aid..the Indian scenario requires a totally different approach to therapy. It' s also important to look into why these combinations were given license to manufacture in the first place. Why can' t we have a system that prevents an error, rather than waste resources on it' s correction.... Read more
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