Surgery crucial for people with drug-resistant epilepsy
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Epilepsy is a chronic, central nervous system or neurological disorder wherein the brain activity becomes impaired, leading to seizures. In some cases, it leads to periods of unusual behavior, loss of awareness, or altered sensations.

Due to the illness being a brain disorder, it can affect various systems in the body, and it stems from changes in the development of the brain, chemicals, or wiring. Epilepsy disrupts normal brain functioning, affects the heart’s rhythm, and breathing problems.

In severe cases of epileptic seizures, a person may need medicines to control the condition. However, there are people who become drug-resistant to these medicines. Now, a new study shows that early surgery for people with drug-resistant epilepsy is crucial, and they have a better chance of becoming seizure-free.

In a new study by researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy and the Swedish Council for Assessment of Health Technology and Social Services (SBU), they found that people with drug-resistant epileptic seizures should promptly be referred for surgical evaluation.

The earlier, the better

To land to their findings, which was published in the journal Neurology, the researchers analyzed and studied a compilation of previous studies, particularly systematic literature overviews and meta-analysis of studies. They aimed to study the link between early or later surgeries and the chances of becoming seizure-free.

The study provides support for the basis that drug-resistant epilepsy patients have better chances of being surgery-free, or a reduced frequency of bouts, if they undergo epilepsy surgical treatment, compared to their counterparts who continue taking drug treatment only.

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Further information as to the exact nature & cause of the conditions causing the conditions would be helpful to the readers. Surgery, obviously, is not the answer in all such cases.
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