Surgical Mx of a large dentigerous cyst with protection of I
The present case stresses the importance of surgical planning when treating large dentigerous cysts. The case has been reported in the Balkan Journal Of Dental Medicine.

A twenty-year-old patient was examined in a routine consultation. Panoramic radiography was taken, in order to detect unerupted third molars. The radiography revealed four impacted third molars.

The right mandibular molar was surrounded by a dentigerous cyst reaching the distal root of the first mandibular molar. The floor of the lesion was so close to the mandible margin, giving the impression that the inferior alveolar canal was disappearing.

A surgical approach that ensured the integrity of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) was applied. The incision was exceeded to the mesial surface of the first molar in order to create adequate surgical field and visibility. The final result was that the exposed nerve was protected successfully.

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