Surgical Mx of hidradenitis suppurativa of the breast during
Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin and soft tissues most commonly affecting the axilla and groin. It presents as recurrent inflamed lesions, abscesses, draining sinus tracts, and scars.

Published in the International Journal of Surgery Case reports, the authors present a case of a thirty-six-year-old female with HS of the breast during pregnancy. Her condition was recalcitrant to steroid injections, TNF blocker, antibiotics and incision and drainage.

She developed numerous active, infected large interconnected lesions in her right breast. The decision was made to perform total excision of the infected area in the right breast. She underwent primary closure of the wound one week after excision and was able to successfully breast feed after this treatment.

Case Highlights:-
- This report describes the successful surgical management of a pregnant woman with severe HS of the breast.

- This represents an alternative management method in an extreme case of HS, where aggressive medical management was contraindicated.

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