Surgical management is the best choice for Mx of Spinal ASPA

Alveolar soft part sarcoma (ASPS) is a rare entity of soft tissue malignancies with uncommon spinal involvements. Surgical management should be the best choice of cure.

Five patients with spinal ASPS were interviewed retrospectively, where data was collected. The relevant literatures were also systematically examined. Thereafter, patient and surgical data were obtained and pooled for prognostic analysis.

A total of five patients with eight surgeries were reviewed retrospectively, and three patients previously reported were also included. All patients were surgically treated, where five of them underwent additional adjuvant therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and targeted therapy in order to manage their local and/or systematic diseases. One patient was lost in follow-up. For the remaining seven patients, the mean follow-up period was 19.7?±?8.8 months, two succumbed to disease while five were alive at the time of the study.

Surgical management is shown to be the most important and the most effective treatment strategy for spinal ASPS, whereas adjuvant therapies made little impact. The prognostic factors for spinal ASPS are primary or metastatic lesions, neurological status, disease progression, systematic conditions, and resection approaches.....