Surgical management of complex odontoma associated with agen
The present case has been reported in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry.

An 11-year-old female patient presented to the department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry with a chief complaint of extraoral swelling on the left side of the face at the lower border, near the angle of the mandible. The history of presenting illness revealed that the swelling had been present for the past 6 months and had mildly increased in size for the past 2 months.

Intraoral examination revealed the presence of permanent dentition with missing left permanent mandibular first molar (36). No obliteration of buccal vestibule was noted and mucosa overlying missing first molar tooth was normal. OPG revealed a large radiodense mass with a lucent rim on the left side of the posterior mandible overlying the unerupted molar tooth which was assumed to be tooth 36.

The mass was lying just over the erupting path of the tooth 36 acting as a hard tissue barrier for its eruption. Radiographically, it was also observed that the left permanent mandibular second molar (37) was missing.

A provisional diagnosis of complex odontoma was made. A decision to surgically excise the mass under general anesthesia was made with doubtful preservation of the unerupted molar tooth, followed by histopathological examination to confirm the diagnosis.

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