Surgical treatment of brain tumors should also be considered
The study indicates that neurosurgical treatment of benign brain tumors improves the quality of life of elderly people in good health and adds to their lifespan.

Meningiomas, which originate in the meninges surrounding the brain, are the most common type of benign brain tumor. The primary treatment for meningiomas is neurosurgery. Since the risks associated with surgical treatment increase as people get older and develop other diseases, over 80-year-old patients with brain tumors are not operated on almost anywhere in the world.

Researchers surveyed surgical outcomes in their study, which investigated all meningioma patients 80 years of age or older treated through surgery at the Neurosurgery Clinic as of 2010. The total number of patients was 83.

"Our findings demonstrate that surgically removing a tumor can improve life quality and even save lives in even very old brain tumor patients, especially when taking into consideration the poor prognosis, without surgical treatment, for over 80-year-old brain tumor patients who have lost their functional capacity," says the principal investigator of the study.

Scientific Reports