Susac’s syndrome – A new ocular finding and disease outcome,
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Susac’s syndrome, a rare autoimmune vasculo-occlusive disease, may pose a diagnostic challenge and result in a devastating ocular and systemic outcome. This study identifies a new retinal finding and evaluates disease outcome. Researchers aimed to assess clinical and imaging findings, systemic manifestations and disease outcome in patients with ocular Susac’s syndrome under immunosuppressive/immunomodulation therapies.

Patients with Susac's syndrome who had been followed for more than 12 months were included in the study. Examination of medical records was done for ocular, physiological, and sensory clinical and imaging results, as well as treatment options. Medical symptoms and disease outcome were the primary outcome indicators.

--7 patients with a mean age of 34.1 years were included. Mean follow-up was 31.9 months. All had bilateral ocular disease.

--Retinal microaneurysms, a new ocular finding, were demonstrated in 5 patients and persisted at the final visit.

--In 5 eyes, they further extended during follow-up. All were treated with immunosuppressive drugs and 5/7 additional immunomodulation therapy.

--At last examination, best corrected visual acuity was more
than 20/40 in all eyes, 1/10 eyes had visual field deterioration, no eye had active ocular disease, all patients achieved neurological stability, and 1 patient had auditory deterioration.

Finally, most of the patients had retinal microaneurysms, a recent ocular finding in Susac's syndrome, suggesting ischemic retinal damage. Immunosuppressive and immunomodulation treatments seem to be very successful in reducing disease activity.