Synchronous Mixed Germ Cell Tumor of Testis and Renal Cell C
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, report a case of incidental finding of left renal cell carcinoma with mixed germ cell tumor of right testis in our patient.

A 36 years old male patient came with complaints of painless swelling in the right side of the scrotum since 1 year. On palpation a hard swelling of size 5 x 4 cm was palpable in right scrotum. Ultrasonography suggested likelihood of a neoplastic etiology. On Contrast enhanced CT of abdomen, a well defined mass in the lower pole of left kidney likely to be an Oncocytoma, which was not palpable. CT guided biopsy of renal mass, was suggestive of epithelial renal tumor probably oncocytoma or low grade renal cell carcinoma.

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