Synovial hemangiomas of wrist & ankle joint: A report of two
The present case has been published in the Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology.

Case 1
A 55-year-old male visited the outpatient department with complaints of swelling over the right lateral malleolus for 1 month, progressively increasing in size. The swelling was not associated with pain, and no history of trauma could be elicited.

On examination, a 5 cm × 5 cm spherical, nontender swelling was palpable. It was cystic in consistency. A plain radiograph showed a soft-tissue swelling. No bony involvement was noted. Repeated FNAC yielded hemorrhagic aspirate only. The lesion was surgically excised, and a provisional diagnosis of synovial cyst was suggested.

Case 2
A 17-year-old female visited the outpatient department with complaints of swelling and pain over the volar aspect of the left wrist joint for the past 1 month. The swelling was progressively increasing in size. There was no history of trauma, tingling, or numbness.

On examination, a soft, cystic swelling of size 3 cm × 2 cm was present. Overlying skin was free. Repeated FNAC yielded blood only. The patient underwent surgical excision of the lesion. A provisional diagnosis of bursal cyst was given.

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