Syringoma Localized to the Umbilicus: Case report
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Syringomas are relatively common and benign appendageal tumors derived from the eccrine glands. Syringomas typically appear on the eyelid, but rarely can arise on the skin in other areas. Although eruptive syringomas may also involve the periumbilical area, it is very rare for the lesions to be only limited to this region. Here, a rare case of a patient with periumbilical syringomas is reported.

A 25-year-old male presented with numerous quiescent, localized papules in his periumbilical area, with a history of several years. On physical examination, there were multiple 1-2 mm sized, firm, light-brown colored papules in the periumbilical area. A closer examination with a dermoscope revealed multiple pink to whitish areas surrounded by finely pigmented network. The histopathological examination revealed multiple ductal and small cystic structures, dispersed within a fibrous connective tissue stroma in the upper dermis. The ductal and cystic spaces were lined by 1 to 2 rows of flattened epithelial cells. The patient was diagnosed with localized periumbilical syringomas, however he refused further management.

Dermoscopic findings of periorbital syringoma show ivory to white colored homogenous areas with poorly defined borders, which were also observed in our case. The difference is that the hyperpigmented network is more prominent in this case because of the structural characteristics of the umbilicus.

The report is of interest due to the unusual appearance of syringomas only involving the periumbilical area. Doctors suggest that syringomas should be considered during the diagnosis and management of patients presenting only with papular lesions of the periumbilical area.