Syringomyelia presenting as neuropathic arthropathy of elbow
Neuropathic arthropathy (NA) is one of the less understood and most challenging conditions to treat in orthopedics practice. Knee and ankle joints are most commonly affected. Occurrence of neuropathic joint in upper extremity is very rare. Elbow is less commonly affected joint.

Published in the Journal of Orthopaedics and Allied Sciences, the authors describe two cases of NA of elbow joint with unusual presentation.

A 24-year-old male presented as posttraumatic arthritis of elbow of short duration without any history of preexisting weakness. A 44-year-old female presented as acutely swollen elbow joint with involvement of ulnar nerve mimicking septic arthritis. Primary cause in both patients was cervicodorsal syringomyelia with Grade I Arnold Chiari malformation.

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