TEARS OF A DYING BACTERIA _Hear our cry o ye humans_ what
Aejaz Iqbal

_Hear our cry o ye humans_

what have we done to you

_that you try at every junction_

_to kill us_

was the creator wrong creating us amongst you

_we try our best to stay away from you_

you appreciate us when we fight for you

and reproach us when we try to come back to you

we try our best to stay away from you

but it's impossible

_we live in a community that is highly competitive_

as compared to humans

we still remain the most abundant and yet we don't disrupt the ecosystem

Amidst our competitiveness, we try to cohabit with humans

thinking you will accept us

But we never knew it will cause disease

It is our nature

we fight the white blood cells just to feed

watching lots of my species dying

just in the cause of getting something to eat

_And yet when we succeed, you introduce antibiotics_

We developed antibiotic resistance and yet you searched and found a cure

Microbiologists, have mercy on us

Remember , our fore fathers are your creators

and you betrayed them and nailed them to the cross

You won't let us rest
Bacteriophages won't let us breathe.

Aejaz Iqbal Microbiologist
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