TN govt orders compulsory doctor attendance at childbirth
A day after a baby's head was separated from its body during childbirth at a public health centre (PHC) in Koovathur, Tamil Nadu, the state's Health Department has issued orders for doctors to be present at all deliveries conducted in a PHC.

“This particular case occurred at an additional PHC, doctors there work from 9 am to 5 pm and there are staff nurses on call following that. The nurse who was handling the woman’s delivery has conducted several deliveries and is someone qualified to do so,” Dr. VK Palani Deputy Director of Health Services (DDHS) said to TNM.

However, in view of the incident, all PHCs in the state have been ordered to ensure that a doctor is present during any deliveries which are conducted, he added.

“We have given strict orders to all the PHCs in the state, additional and otherwise, to ensure that doctors are called in even after hours to attend to deliveries. Earlier this was not a protocol, because the staff nurses are more than well equipped to handle these cases,” he said.

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It' s difficult to make the administration understand that it' s impossible to ensure the success of such orders where single doctors manage duty for a particular period. It must be noted that delivery may occur at any time and the staff nurses who ensure their presence there, they only know how difficult it is to attend the delivery cases at the time of their need.
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Another knee jerk reaction to an already established crisis. Only ObsGynec are qualified for compulsory attendance protocol. Truly disappointed both for the patients and the doctors. I hope empathy develops in the govt. as well. Without adequate hands on,asking a simple MBBS doctor to do something as serious as a childbirth is extremely dangerous. It is requested of the Doctors with notable influence to look into this matter.... Read more
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