Talk on Osteoporosis for Senior Citizens in Ahmedabad
Dr. Pankaj Shah
Talk on Osteoporosis for Senior Citizens in Ahmedabad
Dear friends, a talk on "Osteoporosis in the Elderly" is organised on this Sunday, 18th September at 9.30 am by Sadvichar Parivar. The talk will be delivered by renowned doctors from Ahmedabad, Dr. Jyotindra Pandit (MS Orthopaedics) and Dr. Mahadev Desai (MD Medicine). I request you to share this with your elderly patients who are welcome to attend the talk and benefit from the advice.

Venue: Madanmohan Ramanlal Conference Room, Sadvichar Parivar, Near Ramdevnagar BRTS, Satellite road, Ahmedabad-15

Thank you,
Dr. Pankaj Shah
Vice-president, Gujarat Cancer Society
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Congrats & best wishes
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