Tao brush: An instrument review
The present instrument review has been published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India.

The Tao brush is a small flexible brush used in TruTest® Endometrial Biopsy. Endometrial tissue to a depth of 1.5–2 mm can be collected. It gently brushes the entire inside of the uterus so as to gather a more complete sampling of the endometrium and is less painful than the traditional method. It covers a wide area of the endometrial surface. Therefore, small lesions are less likely to be missed. It is able to detect endometrial adenocarcinoma also.

Parts of Tao Brush:-
The total length is about 26 cm; brush head length is about 3–3.5 cm and diameter of 9 French. It has a covering sheath which protects the brush from collecting any contaminating tissue from the cervix. A sound mark is provided on the brush to indicate depth of 6.5 cm.

In a simple in-office procedure, the patient is made to lie down in dorsal lithotomy position. After routine pelvic examination, the brush is inserted into the uterus. The covering sheath will protect the brush from collecting any contaminating tissue from the cervix.

Once the brush is in place, the sheath is removed. It is then rotated 4-5 times by a simple watch-winding motion to collect tissue from the entire endometrium. The sheath is then replaced, ensuring that the endometrial tissue retained on the brush. The brush is removed and placed directly in the fixative solution. The entire procedure takes approximately 30 s.

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