Teen Figure Skater Suffers Rare Genetic Disorder Undergoes H
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A teen figure skater needed a heart transplant after it was discovered she had a genetic condition that was turning her heart muscle into fatty tissue. In April 2017 she suddenly fainted and was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, or ARVC.

ARVC is a rare genetic condition that occurs when the proteins that hold heart muscle cells together cause the cells to be lost and replaced by fibrous scar tissue and fatty cells which causes irregular rhythms.

Over time, the heart cannot pump as much blood as it normally would and becomes weaker, which can lead to heart failure. Signs include dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, swelling in the legs, chest pain and shortness of breath.

Despite being watched carefully for two years, and even having a defibrillator inserted, her heart gradually began to fail, making it difficult to skate for even just a minute and a half. In July 2019, she was admitted to the one of the Mayo Clinic's hospitals where, after nearly 50 days, a donor heart was finally found for her.

The next day, the surgery team took her in for the transplant at 9.30am, and the procedure went well. She was off a ventilator less than 12 hours after the surgery and was walking 24 hours later. She was out of the hospital in less than two weeks and now, more than one year later is back to figure skating again and even competing.

She's approached everyday life with her new heart the same way she did with her original one with just this unbelievable attitude. She's kind of a bright light in a dark world. She just lights up everyone and everything that she's around.

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