Telangana High Court directs judicial officers to treat doct
The High Court for the State of Telangana has issued a circular to all the unit heads, judicial officers, as well as the registrar of the high court reiterating the medical witnesses, have to be treated with dignity.


The Civil Assistant Surgeon, Area Hospital, Suryapet, had brought to the notice of the High Court that summons were served on him to attend the Court on 13.12.2018 in connection with a case and that he went to the Court on 13.12.2018 at 11.10 am after finishing some Surgical Work at the Area Hospital, Judge curtly informed that as he was not present at 10.30 am,
the case was adjourned and a warrant was issued against him. He was discourteously treated by the Court and therefore the Court directed all the Judicial Officers in the State to deal with expert witness in a decent and humane way and not to harass them unnecessarily.

The circular stated,

"...As directed, attention of all the Judicial Officers in the State are drawn to the Circular instructions of the High Court read above, wherein the following instructions are given with regard to medical witnesses:

1) Fixing uniform time throughout the State for deposition by Medical Witnesses

2) Allowing the Medical Witnesses to sit along with Lawyers, if they observe the dress code

3) Giving the seven days clear notice while issuing summons to Medical Witnesses show as to enable them to take alternative arrangements, etc

4) Treating the medical witnesses with dignity..."

Read the circular in the PDF attached below.
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