Terbinafine Conventional Dose versus Double Dose in Dermatop
Dermatophytosis is the most common fungal infection globally. Terbinafine is considered to have good potency against dermophytes, but resistance to Terbinafine is on the rise. The objective of this study was to do a comparative study of Terbinafine in conventional dose versus double dose in the treatment of Dermatophytosis. This cross-sectional comparative study was conducted. In this randomized comparative study, patients of Tinea cruris and Tinea corporis were randomly divided into two groups of 87 each and were given oral Terbinafine in conventional dose (Group I) and oral Terbinafine in double dose (Group II) for 4 weeks.

The scores and percentage changes measured from pruritus, scaling, and erythema was evaluated at the 2nd and 4th weeks. In a total of 60 patients from both groups completed the study. In this study, it was found the Improvement rate of terbinafine double dose is higher 11.1 and 88.34 than the single dose. This study indicates that Terbinafine in a dose of 500 mg (double dose) given once daily was more effective than Terbinafine 250mg in the treatment of patients with Dermatophytosis.