The Ahmedabad Model of Coronavirus Control
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In nine weeks beginning March 17, Covid-19 almost brought Ahmedabad to its knees. Panic engulfed the city which hit headlines as one of the worst COVID-affected cities in India.

~ Week 9 (May 11-17): Recorded the peak of 2557 cases and 142 deaths.

~ Week 15 (June 22-28): Cases dropped to 1548, i.e, 40% decline from the peak of 2,557 cases of week 9. Deaths too have recorded a 40% drop from 142 in week 7 to 86 in week 9.

Additional chief secretary Rajiv Gupta, who assumed charge of Covid-19 control in Ahmedabad on May 7 says a multi-pronged strategy has helped Ahmedabad rein in Covid-19.

Key measures which helped Covid-19 control included:

• Ordering the opening of 2,800 clinics, requisitioning 3,328 beds in 67 private hospitals for Covid-19 patients
• Making expensive but life-saving drug Tocilizumab drug available for critically ill,
• Targeted interventions like Dhanvatri doorstep clinic vans provided medicines including Vitamin C and D and ayurvedic medicines to 2,100 people every day.

Life-saving drug Tocilizumab which helps reverse serious complication of life-threatening inflammatory levels has been provided by AMC gratis to 650 critically ill patients. “This has improved survival rate by 75%”, said a top AMC official."

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Don' t do jokes like this do testing go for pool testing or rapid testing if you can' t afford rtPCR just do testing first not what we build for what go for testing.... thank you PlexusMD letting us know about joke in pandemic but can' t laugh on it is costing souls....
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This news is encouraging. However, in the light of transfer of people like Commisioner Vijay Nehra, Commisioner of AhmedabadCity, with press clampdown on conference and data in the mid May months, one can only hope this is a genuine decrease and not because of Reduction of Testing.
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