The Gujarat Government releases 'Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19
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The Government of Gujarat has framed the following regulations regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease,2019).

1) All Government and private hospitals must have Flu corners for screening of suspected cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease, 2019).

2) All Government and private hospitals during the screening of such cases shall record the history of travel of the person if he has traveled to any country or'area where COVID-l9 has been reported.

Provided that in case the person has any such history in the last 14 days and the person is asymptomatic then he must be kept in home quarantine for 14 days from the day of exposure.

3) Only designated laboratories are authorized to take or test samples for COVID-19 in the State of Gujarat. All such samples will be collected as per guidelines of Government of India and will be sent to designated laboratory by the District Nodal Officer of the Department of Health and Family Welfare of the concerned district.

4) In cases of COMD-19 are reported from a defined geographic areas such as village, town city, ward, colony, settlement, the District Administration of the concerned district shall have the right to implement following containment measures, but not limited to these, in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

(i) Sealing of the geographical area.
(ii) Baning entry and exit of the population from the containment area.
(iii) Closure of schools, offices and banning public gatherings.
(iv) Banning vehicular movement in the area.
(v) Initiating active and passive surveillance of COVID-19 cases.
(vi) Hospital isolation of all suspected cases.
(vii) Designating any Govemment/Private building as a containment unit for isolation of the cases.

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Source: Health & Family Welfare, Government Of Gujarat
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