The Lancet : New ‘100 percent effective’ Ebola vaccine
Writing in the journal The Lancet, an international team led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has shown the ‘rVSV-ZEBOV’ vaccine produced by Merck can protect both individuals and a whole population, through its trials in Guinea. How they were able to run such a successful scientific study with such impressive results in the midst of an ongoing, serious epidemic serves an invaluable lesson to the public health community. This is especially true when other trials against Ebola were cut short or never got as far as this one.

The West African outbreak of Ebola virus disease began in December 2013, infecting nearly 29,000 people and killing about one third of those. It was brought to an end in June 2016 through the hard work of local groups working with international teams of medical staff, using established methods to identify cases, isolate the patients and trace who else they had had contact with....