The challenges of diagnosing idiopathic ovarian vein thrombo
Abdominal pain is a common clinical challenge presenting to the emergency department. The challenge lies in the wide differentials particularly in females due to the addition of potential gynecological conditions. Ovarian vein thrombosis (OVT) is one of the uncommon differentials requiring rapid recognition & treatment to avoid serious complications or even death.

International Journal of Surgery Case Report reports a 42-year-old healthy female, post normal vaginal delivery 1- year prior to presentation. She presented with left iliac fossa and periumbilical pain for 1-day with no other symptoms. She was vitally stable. Abdominal & pelvic examinations revealed left lower tenderness with guarding. Laboratory investigations were within normal. Abdominal Doppler showed a dilated left ovarian vein with absent flow and Computed tomography (CT) scan confirmed the presence of a thrombus. Therefore, the diagnosis of OVT was made and she was started on anticoagulation.

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