The claw: A novel intraocular foreign body removal forceps
Removal of intraocular foreign body (IOFB) from the posterior segment of the eye is challenging. In addition to surgical skill, it requires specific instrumentation to grasp and remove the IOFB.

Small metallic IOFB can be removed using intraocular rare earth magnets but metallic IOFB larger than 3 mm and nonmetallic IOFBs like shot gun pellets, stones, or large glass fragments require specialized IOFB grasping forceps for removal.

Published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, the authors describe the design and case-based clinical applications of a novel IOFB removal forceps, “the claw” that consists of a titanium handle and a 27-mm, 19-G metallic shaft that houses four retractable prongs made of nitinol wire.

When completely extended, the prongs measure 14 mm in length and open up to 8–8.5 mm in the widest extent. The four prongs offer a very secure grip without crushing or splintering the IOFB leading to minimal chances of IOFB slippage and inadvertent retinal trauma.

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