The curious case of a massive right heart thrombosis: a case
Intraventricular masses are a relatively rare condition ranging from asymptomatic to potentially life-threatening situations.

Herein, authors report a case of a 49-year-old woman under investigation for a massive right ventricular (RV) mass who underwent complete investigation for possible differential diagnosis, in the suspect of RV tumour. Multimodality imaging with cardiac computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging showed the presence of a massive thrombus partially obliterating the right ventricle. Surgical removal of the mass showed a large area of stratified thrombosis with an underlying area of endocardial fibrosis. The patient has been then discharged in good clinical condition and with lifetime oral anticoagulation.

Massive RV thrombosis is a rare yet potentially fatal condition. Invasive management is preferable and lifetime anticoagulation is required to reduce possible downstream thrombotic complications.