The effectiveness of oral propranolol for infantile hemangio
Hemangioma is the most common tumor in infancy, grows rapidly, slowly regress, and never recurs. Propranolol given during the proliferative phase is an effective treatment for infantile hemangioma and serves as an alternative before considering surgery in problematic hemangioma.

A large tumor involving the facial region will cause significant aesthetic and functional impairment and isn't always easy to treat surgically. The non-invasive treatment is needed for this condition. Propranolol has recently been used as a choice of treatment in infantile hemangioma.

They presented two cases of a large problematic infantile hemangioma that were successfully managed with oral propranolol.

Large problematic lesions that ulcerate and bleed often need surgery; however, a substantial defect resulting from surgery is tricky to reconstruct and can cause a significant scar. Propranolol is used because of its efficacy and low-risk characteristics.

In particular, propranolol is an effective treatment to reduce the need for surgical intervention in problematic hemangioma.

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
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