The one who discovered Caffeine: Google honours German chemi
Google celebrates the 225th birth anniversary of German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge by honouring him with a Google Doodle.

Runge is remembered in history for his discovery of caffeine - the world's most consumed psychoactive drug & the main constituent of largely consumed beverage - Coffee!

His first chance encounter of identifying the mydriatic (pupil dilating) effects of belladonna led him to an opportunity to discover caffeine.

Runge was asked to reproduce belladonna’s effect as a demonstration to writer and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Highly impressed by Runge, Goethe handed Runge a bag of rare coffee beans that led to the isolation of active ingredient - Caffeine by Runge.

In his tenure at a chemical company, Runge invented the first coal tar dye and a process for dyeing clothes. His contributions to the world also include

- One of the first scientists to isolate a base from cinchona, named “China base”
- Considered an originator of Paper chromatography; a technique for separating chemical substances on paper
- Devising a method for extracting sugar from beet juice.

Read and view the Google Doodle here:
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A warm salute to Mr Friedlied Ferdinand Ruge for his great contribution to science with an honor on his 225th birth anniversary
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