The pregnancy-related anxiety characteristics in women with
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is very commonly seen in clinical settings, and GDM patients may have higher levels of anxiety. This study is published in the BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

386 patients with GDM were included. Investigators evaluated the characteristics of patients and the scores of pregnancy-related anxiety scale for anxiety level, vulnerable personality style questionnaire (VPSQ) for personality, general self-efficacy scale (GSES) for self-efficacy, social support rating scale (SSRS) for social support level. Logistic regression analyses were conducted to identify the potential influencing factors of anxiety in GDM patients.

- The incidence of anxiety in patients with GDM was 59.07%. Anxiety was positively correlated with the susceptible personality, and it was negatively correlated with self-efficacy and social support.

- The education level, monthly income, abnormal pregnancy and cesarean section history, and first pregnancy were the independent influencing factors for the anxiety in the patients with GDM.

In conclusion, the anxiety of GDM patients is very common, early care and interventions are warranted for those patients with abnormal pregnancy and cesarean section history, first pregnancy, lower education level, and less monthly income.