This Brave Scientist Deliberately Feeds Himself to Infected
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A brave Australian scientist has spoken of how he lets thousands of mosquitoes bite his arm as part of research into a deadly infectious disease.

Dr Perran Stott-Ross, of Melbourne University, lets bugs lap up his blood daily in his quest to rid the world of Dengue fever, ScienceAlert reports.

Dengue fever has exploded worldwide over the past 50 years and kills an estimated 25,000 people every year.

The insects Dr Ross feeds are infected with Wolbachia, a bacterium known to block the spread of dengue. He admitted that the bites – up to 5,000 a day – do a sting on occasion.

Research into how Wolbachia might help other dengue-stricken areas involves the rearing and feeding of hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes.

Dr Stott-Ross' work involves infecting mosquito eggs with the bacterium – which is harmless to humans – and then breeding lines of Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes in the lab.

Releasing this infected creepy crawlies into the wild can infect wild populations, stopping dengue transmission in its tracks.

It's painstaking work, and one that requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears to keep the many thousands of mosquitoes fed.

Ross works with the mosquitoes on a daily basis, feeding them by sticking his arm through some bug-proof netting.

A project in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia, has reduced dengue infections by between 40 and 60%, Dr Stott-Ross said. There's still a lot of work to do but appears the tide is finally turning on the disease, which infects as estimated 390million people each year.

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