This doctor’s hospital is now home to house collapse victims
On September 6, several families, primarily from Uttar Pradesh who got settled in the city to find vocation, were rendered homeless when the home they were living in collapsed in Amraiwadi, killing five and injuring nearly 20 occupants. After the event, they had nowhere to go - but not for long. The Shridevi General Hospital, barely 500 metres from Bungalow Wali Chali, cleared a ward so that four families with about 14 members can live there for now.

Dr Girish Kapadia, gynaecologist and director of the hospital, said that it was something any person in his position would do. “I have been associated with the area for over two decades and when I got to know that even a hospital discharged some of them at 1am the following day, I decided to do my bit. Food for the group comes from my home. We have also arranged for clothes and domestic goods they would require to start afresh,” said Dr Kapadia.

He said that he is ably supported by his wife Dr Neela in his endeavours. The doctor, earlier associated with Shardaben Hospital and later AMC said the meaning of being human is to reach out to people not out of pity but because of duty.