This injection won’t needle you!
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Trypanophobia or fear of hypodermic needles is one of the most common fears in the world. To counter this, scientists at Gujarat’s BV Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD) have developed micro-needles that don’t hurt but are as efficient as the conventional injections.

The patch which looks like a mini-adhesive bandage consists of micro-needles which cannot be seen by naked eye and complete the task of delivering drug beneath the skin into the blood vessel. What’s more, it dissolves on its own within 10-odd minutes. Dr Viral Shah, principal researcher on the project, said, “Several micro needles in use today are metallic.

We have developed a polymerbased delivery system which dissolves within minutes. It doesn’t need sterilization or dangers of reuse associated with conventional needles,” he said. The invention can prove to be boon for kids and adults regularly forced to get pricked for vaccinations or regular administration of drugs to treat pain, infections, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and even cancer. The team said that animal trials for injecting gonadotropin hormone intravenously for fertility issues have been completed successfully. Research paper for these trials has been published in Journal of Americal Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. “Human trial will be conducted soon after a few more steps of validation,” said Dr Shah.

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