This problem create long term
Rambabu ahirwar
This problem create long term
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R●●●●●u a●●●●●r
R●●●●●u a●●●●●r General Medicine
Any medicine prescribed sir
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Dr. M●●●●●●●●●h M●●●●●a
Dr. M●●●●●●●●●h M●●●●●a General Medicine
Hansaplast Corn Plaster 4' s Wallet\_sw\_r\_cp\_api\_i\_kPRZBbNTBZH4Z
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Dr. Q●●●●m Y●●●●f
Dr. Q●●●●m Y●●●●f Internal Medicine
This is corn also called clavus....... Apply salicylic acid plaster followed by surgical Debridement...... Avoid pressure point development, including shoes ware to avoid recurrence......
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