Rishabh Sah
I'm a second year medical student and have already fallen in love with the element of surprise that our profession has to offer. This is a journal entry where I write about an unexpected turn that one of my ward postings took, the unexpected man I met. It gave me an important insight of the multiple roles that a doctor plays for a patient. Many of you must have had similar experiences and will be able to relate to it.
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Dr. N●●●n R●●●●d
Dr. N●●●n R●●●●d Internal Medicine
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D●●●●●●i G●●●●●a
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Reminded me of my own experience that too was quite recent
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Dr. b●●●●●●●●a j●●●●●t s●●●h Cardiology
In my 47 yrs of practice in have had the privilege of being loved and respected by my is a noble job and relation to your patients.i had love and respect and admiration of nurses junior and seniors alike.being a ug and pgdcc teacher all throughout my proffession.
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