“Time has hit pause”, something we’ve seen flash over the ne
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Preeyati Chopra
“Time has hit pause”, something we’ve seen flash over the news or our social media platforms the past month. But has it really?

Our healthcare professionals might disagree with it. They go to the hospitals each and everyday, work dutifully hoping that they would treat the patients suffering from this deadly disease. Although they have been surrounded by dangerous illnesses since the beginning of their professional careers and will continue to do so till the end, nothing deters their spirit to work for the betterment of society.

COVID-19 is a pandemic. It’s not just the enemy of oneself, but the whole community. The doctors who are protecting us and ensuring our well-being are equally prone but their courage, humanity and determination makes them our heroes.

Being future doctors, we take an oath to serve our country. We are taught to put the health of our society above us and our own families. But this profession and the sacrifice we make has lost all its respect.

Being the children of doctor parents, the sadness of not being able to be in the same room as our parents and praying constantly that they are safe while at work is incomparable.

The incidents which took place in the last few weeks be it in Delhi, Indore or Lucknow, have shown our unity as citizens and what respect we have for our fellow health care professionals. In the crisis we’re trying to fight, there is a lack of humility and kindness.
Nothing can justify the brutality of throwing stones at a doctor, of throwing stones at a person. Period.
Doctors being spat at or not allowed to enter their own homes and many others who are abused and harassed.
What have they done to deserve this inhumane behaviour? Tried to keep away a virus which can kill you? To save you and your family despite not having the proper equipment themselves?

The internet and the newspapers are flooded with articles regarding the harassment faced by our doctors. Almost everyday we read that there is a shortage of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in one part of the country or another despite that, they continue to put themselves at risk.
This fight against COVID-19 cannot be solved unless each and every citizen of this country shows respect towards our fighters and treats them as one of their own. How insensitive can we be to be so thankless? It is our moral duty to be selfless but is it even when we are the ones in danger of being treated with utmost harshness for doing our jobs?

Our fight as homebound citizens is to encourage our healthcare fellows and together win over the prevailing health crisis. There is a dire need of support from all countrymen in this situation to help our families, your own family and to maintain the integrity of this noble profession.

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