Times Now Sting on Seven Hills and Fortis Hiranandani
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In a video published on 11th July, Times Now brings out a sting operation on Asian Heart Hospital, Seven Hills Hospital and Fortis Hiranandani Hospital. Key excerpts from the interviews (reproduced from the video):

Seven Hills:
- If the patient bill is Rs 1 lakh, referral kickback is 10% without deducting medicine cost
- If below Rs 1 lakh, then medicine cost is deducted
- For Rs 3 lakh bill, kickback is 12% and for Rs 5 lakh 15%
- Payment is done by cheque
- 300-400 hospitals and 1500 doctors have tied up with Sevenhills
- Target for 8-member sales team is Rs 13 crore per month

Fortis Hiranandani:
- For surgical cases, kickback is 15% after deduction
- For pulmonary angiography, kickback is Rs 4000
- For bypass, kickback is Rs 20000
- For Unilateral Total Knee Replacement, kickback is Rs 15000

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Dr. R●●●●e S●●h
Dr. R●●●●e S●●h Orthopaedics
Doctors profit on blood money is a wrong statement, corporate Hospitals do profit, which are run by business men, politicians, HR department, and MBA.... Doctors are employees, and work in the system with an intention to good of patients from our evidence based medicine.....
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Dr. S●●●●a N●●r
Dr. S●●●●a N●●r Critical Care Medicine
I agree Dr shah is absolutely correct
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Dr. B●●●●●●h S●●h
Dr. B●●●●●●h S●●h Critical Care Medicine
The big picture says the doctors are villain. Does anyone among us has guts to say that in public there are many known hospitals and doctors who live on referrals... Does our beloved medical associations and council have anytime said that it is the doctor who is suffering the most... It is always better to have less friends than a foe hiding as friend.. When will our community wake up.. I am not going to work as doctor if I get a better option with decent earning.. But till then be guilty of everything u do.. ... Read more
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