Tissue regenerative and xenograft biotherapy: helping surgeo
Surgeons have been facing an ever increasing crisis in finding a suitable material that can replace failing organs and blocked vessels safely and effectively. The worldwide shortage of organs causes almost 30% of patients who need replacement organs to die on the waiting list. Certain procedures such as bypass surgery and certain types of large incisional hernia repairs have a high success rate when performed using natural material such as the patient’s own veins. However, where this option is unavailable (due to already diseased veins for example), the success rate drops significantly as a plastic material is used instead. Pooled weighted data for primary patency rates for femoro-distal bypass are reported as 85%, 80%, and 70% for femoro-distal bypass with vein and 70%, 35%, and 25% for femoro-distal bypass with prosthetic material at 1, 3, and 5 years respectively.