Tooth found growing inside man's nostrils for years after he
It’s the season to experience viral fever and other cough-cold related issues, and we all know how painful does that become. The constant itching in the nose and throat can make anyone feel irritated in seconds. Imagine if you have to live with blocked nostrils for about 20 years. A Chinese man, named Zhang Binsheng, complained of blocked nostrils and visited a hospital last week after having a clogged up nose for three months.

The Chinese media reported that 30-year-old Binsheng decided to seek medical attention after struggling to breathe out of his nose. He also complained about a constant smell of ‘decay’ in his nostrils. The medics advised the man to undergo an X-ray. After the reports came out, the doctors noticed a shadow of ‘high density’ at the back of his nasal cavity.

The Chinese man was then astonished to find out that this is his own tooth that was missing. As explained by Chinese media, the tooth had been knocked out of his mouth when he was just 10 years old. The tooth managed to root and grow in his nose for all these years.

According to Heilongjiang TV, the rare medical condition was reported by Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. The doctors reported the tooth to be measuring nearly one centimetre (0.4 inches) long. It was taken out after a 30-minute long surgical operation last Friday. Binsheng is fine and is currently recovering.

Source: Times Now
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