Toric multifocal intraocular lens implantation in a case of
An 18-year-old female patient presented with a progressive decrease in vision bilaterally since 4-5 years. Vision was 6/120 in the right eye with ? 19D sphere/?6.5D cyl at 10. The left eye improved to 6/60 with ? 19D sphere/?5D cyl at 160. In both eyes, Slit lamp showed anterior and posterior lenticonus [Figure 1] with oil droplet reflex. Cornea was clear without dystrophy. Intraocular pressure was 14 right eye and 12 mm Hg in the left eye on Goldman applanation. Fundus was normal. The macula could not be focused by fundus camera (Zeiss Visucam Pro NM, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany). Biometry with IOL-Master (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG). Right eye axial length 22.78 mm, K1 43.38D at 17, K2 45.12D at 107. Left eye axial length 22.71 mm, K1 43.60D at 163, K2 45.98D at 73. Topography was done with the Galilei Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer (Ziemer, Switzerland). The patient had lenticular high astigmatism due to conus along with corneal astigmatism. It was decided to correct corneal astigmatism with toric multifocal IOL as it was more than 1.5D. Customized IOL (AT Lisa toric IOL, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG) was ordered.

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