Touching gesture: Doctors forego fees
A few doctors in Hyderabad have turned good samaritans in Hyderabad by writing medicines for free.

With most people running out of reserve cash and unable to withdraw the new notes due to long queues or empty ATM outlets, patients are unable to pay fees.

"About 25 per cent of my patients are not being able to pay and that's ok with me because its a crisis," said Dr Manabendra Ghosh, a well-known diabetologist...
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Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i
Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i Internal Medicine
We also deferred the payment or asked for check but did not accept 500 and 1000 rupee old notes
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Dr. J P V●●●a
Dr. J P V●●●a Paediatrics
Many patient with old currency are provided drugs for one or two days at my clinic
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