Tracheal agenesis: A report of two cases
"Case 1 A male baby was born to a 25-year-old mother at 30 weeks of gestation. The mother had presented in emergency with preterm labor and her antenatal ultrasonography (US) done at 26 weeks was suggestive of polyhydramnios. The baby was delivered vaginally and weighed 1.2 kg. As the baby did not cry immediately, endotracheal intubation was attempted to secure the airway but the vocal cords could not be visualized and there was a single opening corresponding to the esophagus.

Case 2 A male baby was born to 32-year-old G3L1A1 mother at 28-week gestation with a birth weight of 930 g. As the baby did not cry at birth, resuscitation with bag and tube was attempted. Failing to visualize the vocal cords, the esophagus was promptly intubated and the baby was gently ventilated before being put on invasive ventilation. RDS evident on X-ray [Figure 3] was treated by giving natural bovine surfactant resulting in X-ray improvement and improvement in saturations. The baby also had an imperforate anus, a patent ductus arteriosus of 2 mm with a structurally normal heart and a solitary right-sided kidney."...;year=2016;volume=62;issue=3;spage=202;epage=204;aulast=Desai
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