Tracheal atresia with a cephalically developed lung bud : a
Tracheal atresia (TA) involves complete or partial tracheal absence below the larynx. It involves failure of complete separation of the laryngotracheal diverticulum from the foregut at the 4th gestational week. In TA, the trachea and main bronchi generally proceed in the normal caudal directions.

At the gestational age of 34 weeks and 6 days, a male baby weighing 2290 g was born via cesarean section. A brisk bag was used, and mask ventilation was performed, but was not effective. Intubation was attempted; however, the endotracheal tube did not advance below the vocal cord. An emergent open neck exploration could not reveal the trachea. On computed tomography, the tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) started from the lower esophagus just above the gastroesophageal junction. The trachea arose upward to form the main bronchus.

His parents signed the “Do not resuscitate” form due to poor outcome. On the 23rd day of birth, the baby expired.

Source: Medicine: May 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 18 - p e15397

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