Tracheomalacia with tracheal bronchus in a paediatric patien
The following case appears in the National Medical Journal of India.

A 3-month-old baby boy presented with stridor since birth. He had been admitted to hospital for pneumonia at the age of 1 month. Laryngoscopy was normal. Coronal 3D volume-rendered CT image showed distal tracheal luminal narrowing and a right upper lobe bronchus arising from the supracarinal trachea. Virtual bronchoscopy showed the partially collapsed tracheal lumen.

A diagnosis of tracheomalacia with tracheal bronchus was made and the child was given adrenaline nebulization and discharged with advise to follow-up. However, he has not reported back to hospital.

Major takeaway:-
Tracheal bronchus predisposes to recurrent pneumonia and fibro-bronchiectasis. Surgical resection is recommended when symptomatic.

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